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Mesa Label Express Art Department

We feature a completely in-house Art Department. From design concept, to proofing, to final product, our Art Department will work with you to ensure that you receive the product you envisioned, in a timely fashion.

Accepted Software

Adobe Illustrator CS6 (Preferred)
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe InDesign CS6
Quark Express 6.5 (If possible please convert Quark files into an .eps or pdf.)
Adobe Acrobat PDFs will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Unacceptable Files/Formats

JPG, GIF, PNG files
Publisher or Word files
Corel Draw (.cdr)
Auto CAD (.dwg and/or .dwf)

If you have art in an unsupported format, or if you're unsure of the format, please contact our Art Dept. at (858) 668-2820 ext 17 or E-mail us at

Print-Ready Artwork Requirements

Illustrator Files:

- If the art contains any type, either send the fonts or convert all fonts to outlines.
- All linked images should be 300 dpi and in CMYK color mode. Either embed the image or send it as a separate file.
- Document Raster Settings should be at least 300 ppi.
- When working exclusively with Spot Colors, do not use transparency.
- All Black must be 100% black; not a CMYK build.
- Never set White to Overprint (unless you’ve set up white as a spot color).

Photoshop Files:

- All photo images should be a minimum of 300 dpi, EPS or TIFF format.
- Line art or bitmap art should be a minimum of 600 dpi.
- Color mode should be set to CMYK.
- Photoshop EPS files need to be saved as “Binary”.
- Photoshop TIFF files need to be saved as “Macintosh Byte Order” (do not select LZW compression).
- When possible, use a Vector based program (i.e. Adobe Illustrator) for text and Spot Colors.


We prefer Macintosh Postscript fonts but can also accept True Type and Open Type fonts. Please provide all fonts used, including all printer and screen fonts.


1. Make sure all files, as well as all linked Graphic Files, are in the correct Color Mode. Ex. CMYK, Spot (Line) Art, Bitmapped, etc. DO NOT submit RGB files. If a Transparency is used in a Spot color object, that object will print 4 color process. Use the percentage slider in the Color palette to adjust the % of a Spot Color.

2. Use only the colors in the file that will be used on press. If the label is to be printed in Spot (Line) Colors, please use only the PMS Colors that will be used on press. Delete all other color swatches from the swatch palette. For more details on PMS Colors, please reference the Pantone Matching System Color Guide, or go to

3. Correctly and plainly label all “special elements”. Ex. die lines, foils, or custom inks/colors. Create a custom swatch for each element and name them appropriately.

Submitting Artwork

Please compress files before sending via E-mail or uploading below. The following compressed formats are acceptable: zipped (.zip), tar-gzipped (.tgz or .tar.gz), stuffed (.sit), Self Extracting Archive (.sea).

1. Smaller files (8Mb or less) can be emailed to us at the following address:

2. Large files (250MB or less) can be uploaded by selecting your files below.

MLX Uploadify Cancel First File | Clear the Queue

3. If for some reason you are having issues with our file upload tool then you can manually upload via ftp. Server: Login: anonymous. No password required. Please email us to let us know once the ftp upload has been completed.